Since 1983, Claude Lachance, president and CEO of GCA Immobilier, Worked on more than 4,000 residential units in Quebec. Founded in 2005, GCA Immobilier is specialized in the conceptual development and promotion of urban living spaces. GCA contributes to the revitalisation of Griffintown, an up and coming neighbourhood of Montreal, through the development of 1,000 units in a new urban condo project developed throughout 6 phases.

GCA Immobilier puts the emphasis on customer-focused procedures and teamwork. All of our projects present the added benefit of offering one of the best quality-to-price ratio on the market as well as unique architecture.

The builder

EBC Inc. is handling construction work and starting a new long term partnership with GCA. With 45 years of experience in construction, EBC has built a solid reputation based on a promise of reliability, credibility and quality. Their various achievements include the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM), James Bay hydroelectric projects and Champlain Bridge, among others.

The warranty

The Maîtres Bâtisseurs Home Warranty (GHMB) offers a warranty plan on some buildings not covered by the Regulations warranty plan for new residential buildings such as condominium towers more than four (4) private stacked units and projects converted to condominiums.

Our social involvement

Here are certain non-profit organization that GCA is proud to contribute to.

GCA in the news

“The amount of sales of Griffintown is relatively high, reaching 73% of 2800 units available. It represents 94% of units to be delivered in 2013 and 61% for those that will be delivered in 2014. The Le Murray project recorded the highest sales in the current quarter with nearly nine a month.”

Thomas contandin, les affaires

“A Smart Griffintown Choice for condos buyers is to be located at 164 Murray St. in the heart of the historic area. (...) Le Murray is a very welcome addition to the massive re-development of Griffintown, where many have been concerned about the sky rocketing prices of real estate.”

Bonnie wurst, montreal times

Localisée à proximité des écoles, des voies rapides, du canal de Lachine, de la piste cyclable et des transports en commun, cette propriété constitue une opportunité exceptionnelle pour tous ceux qui privilégient des déplacements plus « verts ». Et parlant de verdure, la petite famille pourra aussi profiter d’une cour privée.

Richard marcil, la métropole

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Robert Shapiro, CEO of trulr